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A Few of My Favorite Things

Well, fashion friends, the holidays have come and gone. And another year is upon us. Trends came and went in 2012 and now we’re making way for some new fav finds. Today is the first day in a long time that I have scoured the internet for your fashion fix. And mine, of course. Oh, it’s been far too long… Internet fashion sites, I’ve missed you!

Can we talk about this necklace for a hot minute? Because the price is totally reasonable and yet, this is unique and so special. I’m obsessed with it. It has a bit of a Cleopatra vibe that I am really digging now. While I’m not hot on accessories usually, this necklace is enough to make me a convert. So pretty.

This one just speaks to me, too, because in wintertime you have to make the best of what’s around you. The icicles in this necklace celebrate the cold, when we all know there are days we can only curse it. It’s nice to find a cute nod to the season – with a fancy ribbon necklace. I had thought we had seen the last of  you, but happily, not yet.

And to flip the coin from one season to the next, shorts! Why not think about the beauty of summer in the midst of this relative heat wave. You know you live in New England when a week of temps in the 40’s makes you feel just about chipper. But when searching through Topshop’s latest arrivals, I just couldn’t help but count them among my favorite things. The color, the mod cut, the detail. So chic!

If you’re like me, you are constantly, constantly fighting the battle against appropriate inseams. These leggings are not only pushing forth the leggings lifecycle (which should be long gone by now, but c’mon, who doesnt love a pair of comfy leggings now and then?), but they are sooo long. 36 inches of ikat print? YES, PLEASE! I recently bought a pair of black leggings and come to find out – they are like up to my knees! How annoying.

Club Monaco. Hi. Can we be new best friends? Because I have rediscovered all that you have to offer and I’m saving up my next paycheck for you. Such classic shapes and lines and just really, well. My style completely. I have to have this sweater skirt… It’s so awesome. As well as everything else…

A cuff that says – totally wearable with jeans as well as your fanciest LBD. Genius.

I’ve been eyeing this bag for months now… The black is now gone, but something about the orange says, you will never get sick of my cheeriness. You will use me more than you imagine… Trust. I’m a good investment piece.

This cape. Takes. My. Breath. Away… I cannot believe it. I’m like, going to leave my husband for this cape, which I would prob have to do if I spent nearly $300 on a goddamn cape. But I am officially obsessed. And I dont care who knows it!

Finally, just for fun, check out this adorable little trapeze dress and the perfect companion to it – a boy cut blazer. I’m loving the contrast and this is exactly what I would wear to the casino for a night out with friends – if one such night were to materialize. So fun and young… I am loving it. Maybe it’s all that Downton Abbey I’ve been watching, but I’m starting to feel a little nostalgic for a boy cut Newsies blazer over a reworked flapper-esque dress.

Anything catch your eye — like this super sparkly beauty of a ring?

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Holiday Cheer

Last night while I was watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, I realized… I have have yet to experience the real spirit of the holidays and its just around the corner. How can this be? When did I become Charlie Brown?

For the most part, the holiday season for me has been about ordering some things hurriedly online, thinking about what I’m going to bake for which party, and planning out the monetary gifts for those of whom I have no idea what to buy (or deserve a tip!). I dont even have wrapping paper yet or Christmas cards or supplies to make those Paula Deen creme de menthe brownies. In fact, now that I think of it, I think I’ve only gotten one Christmas card in my own PO box so far this season. Do people even send these anymore? I remember being little and getting loads of cards and year-end letters and my mom would have us tape them to the door so we could look at the well wishes and think happy thoughts of all the people in our lives – near and far. When I was a bit younger, I would find some stylish little cards – itty bitty ones were always a favorite – and I would send them so happily, feeling a sense of independence to be sending my own card with my own name signing it. I remember just a few years ago toting around my smiling nephew in the dining room, dancing to holiday music – laughing at all his funny faces, playing the same songs over and over again because he never got sick of them. Today it seems the spirit is waning. Can we blame it on social media? I hate social media. I try to quit each New Year’s. This year is no different. I’m going to try. But that’s not everything…

Last year, I wore my red jeans to the company holiday party. I felt so seasonal – and stylish. This year, I think I may have worn jeggings. Only because it was a half day and I cant otherwise wear jeggings to work. So I seized the opportunity. I’m not sure I wore anything festive – not even those candy cane socks from CVS or the blue holiday brooch that my mom bought for me to wear on my black JCrew wool coat!

Of course maybe it’s this feeling of sadness every time I turn on the news or msnbc home page… and there are just no words. Someone attempted to make sense of it yesterday, saying that we all feel like we did during September 11th. And you know what… I think that sums it up.

So under the weight of all this, how do I shock myself into the spirit of giving? Right now I’m blaring Christmas choir music in my headphones and eating homemade fudge from a coworker. To my left is a candy cane. See? All the festivities are there… they just aren’t well, I don’t know, deeply connecting.

I think next year I will make more of an effort to shop in stores… I really think this may be part of what’s missing. The hustle and bustle of a crowded department store with sales and decorations and the opportunities to give to charities at each entrance and exit… I think I miss it! I didnt decorate this year either, so not being around any Christmas cheer has really started to sink in. Maybe that was a bad idea – to skip the tree. Maybe the dog will just have to learn how to deal with a tree. Maybe…

But If Charlie Brown wasn’t feeling the spirit, it was Lucy who said, You need to do something, Charlie Brown. Do something that gets you into the holiday mood. For me that may very well be baking sugar cookies and decorating them with my nephew, or wearing the only red sweater in my closet, or going to Church… But it’s about that time. Before we know it, the holidays will come and go and we will have to wait a whole 365 days to see  the next one.

So, Happy Holidays, readers! Share what you plan to do to get into the holiday spirit.

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Gray Winter

The other day I serendipitously found myself on Harrison Street – the real street that started it all! Read: I was so lost even my GPS was “recalculating” as I was on the phone with my mom screeching. Oh wait! Mom… I’m on Harrison Street. Tell me what to do next. So it goes… 

But I survived the hectic drive home, only to find myself with an even more hectic commute today. Grey winter has arrived… and it never looked prettier than in this cute little number. Check it out! I love a contrast sleeve.

Any grey fashion finds to share with friends?

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What’s your interview style?

I thought some of you would enjoy this as much as I did…

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It can happen to the best of us… and here’s proof.


Fashion Plates… Unite.

Recently, I’ve been looking for some fashion blogs or sites to inspire me. It’s hard to be inspired as an island (you will understand the meaning of this if you read on). If you have any suggestions, please do send them my way or leave them in the comments for others to enjoy, too… but I just fumbled upon this great post on The Man Repeller site, which led me to discover all that DVF has to offer in housewares. Let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with those dessert plates. But the real issue I face is this:

I’m all excited and want to discuss this amazing discovery with someone and… there is no one. Not one person at my place of work that loves shopping or fashion or style… like I do. Isn’t that weird? At least in my old job I had at least one lady who shopped til she dropped. We had totally different styles and tastes, but the shopping was a common thread. I always knew when she had new shoes! I even ran into her at a Macy’s store months after I had left and we gave each other a quick hello-whats-new and then kept right on shopping. But it’s strange to me to be a woman and not really be excited about clothes. So I ask: Where are all the fashion plates?

And if you aren’t into fashion or shopping… What are you into? I should probably clarify… someone to me who is “into fashion” knows who the hell I’m talking about when I talk about Maison Martin Margiela — and not just from the line in the Jay Z song, either. And further, this person would know – baseline – about the diffusion line happening now at H&M with him. But – seriously? Blank stares? No one’s heard of this? How can it be?

The other day I went to lunch with two coworkers and couldn’t contain my excitement talking about the Neiman Marcus/Target Holiday Collection and about how I was so going to be online buying one of those Tory Burch lunch boxes… And all I got back was… Who? What, now?

UGH! Fine. Forget it. I guess I’ll just have to share my enthusiasm with said cats (see aforementioned post). They don’t understand fashion, but they understand that in life, very little gives you pleasure as you age. As evidenced by their never fading enthusiasm for a very specific, particular model of fake mice. And so, together, we can talk all day on Friday about the Longchamp bag and how for years I have avoided buying one simply because I cannot make my mind up about the stripe. I just don’t want a stripe, ok? I just want a solid bag, but I don’t want to buy it from Nordstroms. I want to order it specially made from Paris… like other normal girls!

Well, in that spirit… I ask you to never feel shy about sharing your latest finds or fabulous outfits with me — and though I will not be with you on Friday throwing elbows at Wrentham Outlets, I will be there in spirit to cheer you on and wish your credit cards well. I will always share your love of fashion. Always.

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