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Today’s Style Inspiration

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Crazy pants!


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Today’s Style Inspiration

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You better get your ass out there… You can find all kinds of floral pants popping up this Spring – and you don’t wanna be caught without your pants on! Take a cue from Olivia Palermo – it’s time to swap out your bottoms with your tops. Time to make the pants shine – POP, WOW, BANANAS – while going muted on top.

Here is your new mantra for Spring 2012: Pants, pants, pants!

Like these wide legs with a unique, ethnic print that I’m infatuated by… Or these pleated ones by Vila – pleats are so coming back, mark my words. Go super skinny and bright… if you dare. Really, you have to own these – or they will eat you alive. Or parlay your ass right into denim, which appeals to all of us, because it’s familiar, it’s nostalgic. It reminds us that we’re not so fashion-obsessed after all.


Does it? What say you about pants, stepping out with bells on?