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Sometimes you discover the magic of beauty products just by what they look like online… and you just want to share. Like today. I have not tried any of these products but best you believe I’ll be meaning to sometime soon!

Goe Oil

Lip Balm Flights

Anything from Uptown Soap Co.


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Change is in the Air

Each year, when the leaves fall, I inevitably get that itch. To make a big dramatic change. And in life, there are really just a handful of big dramatic changes you can make – max – without raising the eyebrows and alert notices of your friends and family. So really, year after year, you kinda run out of ideas.

This year, I haven’t quite put my finger on it. But I know something is needed.

I also know that I really cannot stuff one more fricken thing into my closet. So that leaves me with the idea of changing beauty options. And months ago, I went all natural. When I say I went through and completely cleared out my bathroom of all things that had parabens or sulfur or well, anything I couldn’t really pronounce. I mean – everything went. I had to invest in all new things, which was both exciting and scary. And deep down, I’m a brand loyalist with a penchant for things high end. Well, high end doesn’t always equal healthy. In fact, in most cases, it’s the opposite. And I had massive fears about what this would mean for my very sensitive, tempermental skin. For years, I would only use face products specifically prescribed or recommended to me by the greatest dermatologist in central mass.

But let’s cut right to the chase – my skin has never looked better. Maybe it was all those chemicals that irritated my skin. And it’s official: I have become a convert to all things Josie Maran and Andalou and well, Tom’s. There is also a new shampoo called Bamboo that I have really fallen in love with because, lets face it, Burts Bees hair products are terrible. The hardest beauty product, though, to find I must say is an organic version of actual, working, skin matching concealer. I’m really struggling. I use Josie Maran’s currently because I just haven’t found anything better. But it’s dire straights to be honest.

So now that my beauty regimen is already set and pretty damn near perfection… What does that leave to change? Well… my hair is getting really long… and well, I have wanted to try a new look and maybe a color… or bangs, sooooo…

I don’t know. We’ll see where this is headed… in the meantime, what sort of change are you craving this time of year?


Beauty Day

Am I the only one obsessed with organic beauty? I happened across this lovely article and now I’m officially on the hunt for organic coconut oil.


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Manicure Inspiration

Lately, I have been enjoying the Year of the Shoe (people at work are obsessed with my new Marc Fisher flats – I tried to link to them but they have since sold out) – and manicures! Self-manicures that is. I have decided that it’s best to experiment with different designs on my own rather than try to translate what I envision to someone who doesnt speak great English and doesnt really appreciate my sense of nail polish adventure. And I’ve been trying out these new ideas on my ring finger because it’s not that easy to get creative on 10 nails. Not too wacky, not to outrageous, but just right. What do you think about polkadots?

Last week I did a grey/lilac base with funfetti sprinkles just on the ring finger and it was a big hit. I forgot to snap a photo, but I think you can see where I’m heading… Next week I may try to do a vertical strip on one nail and transition from one color to a completely complementary, but different color, on the remaining other nails. In my head it looks fantastic…


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Curls without Heat

Hi readers, a new friend sent this link to me on Facebook. It’s a video about how to create vintage waves without heat. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s kind of amazing, if you ask me. I love that front curl! I always have a problem getting that front curl to start right at the top because my hair is so heavy. Maybe creating this wave will do the trick. If you try this out, send me a photo!

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Fashion Scents

This morning a quote caught my eye…

Heidi Klum says fragrance is like great underwear. “No one can really see it but it makes you feel sassier and sexier.”

As someone who used to love fragrances, I have to say this sounds about right.

There was nothing more promising than a brand new bottle of Clinique Happy or hopping out of the shower and stealing my moms bottles and spraying Sunflowers or Vanilla Fields all over, starting the day with a burst of smells. Gosh, I remember my sister’s signature scent for at least a decade was Elizabeth Arden Red Door -and if I try really hard, I can still remember the smell. Her whole car smelled like Red Door! I know I was more of the I’ll try it all personality. I tried Chanel No. 9 because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I think that bottle of Gio by Giorgio Armani cost more than my entire wardrobe and One by Calvin Klein – the really edgy scent that was for both girls and boys. I remember in college, I tried Addict and Light Blue by Dior. Both scents were entirely different, but that was me. Wisking from one smell to another based entirely on mood and season and who knows what else.

These days I feel less enthused about fragrance due to the amount of chemicals and cancer-causing agents recently discovered in them. Formaldehyde? Coloring #4? No thanks! I have found a grapefruit solid balm that I love which also claims to be natural – and it smells fresh and lovely – but I now work at a fragrance-free work environment. So I’m not allowed to wear perfume during the work week, which is essentially the only time I will bother to spritz – or nowadays, rub – it on. I dont think my dog or cats need to snuggle me on a weekend while I smell of my latest bottle by Juicy Couture or Mark Jacobs Daisy.

But there are also way too many fragrances out there to make you feel really excited about finding a signature scent. Designers are pumping out new scents each season and celebrity perfumes are overtaking the simple, understated glass shelves in the department stores. I don’t want to smell like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. I want something a bit more reserved and refined. Would that be my signature scent?

A friend of mine wears Hermes and I tell you – I used to smell like her after a hug for the entire day and I loved it. It reminded me of her and, of course, made me a little bit jealous that she beat me to that perfume. It is exquisite and sophisticated and so her! And its costly, of course. But that is how it’s done right. Invest in a scent that will make you feel sexy and full of promise – something hidden like a secret weapon.

Tell me, readers, how do you feel about a signature scent? Sniff, sniff!



This blog post was really inspiring today… I took it from the Archivist. Would you wear this?

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