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Spring Cleaning…

Well, not really. It’s more like Spring Clearing for New Baby. This past weekend I finally had to bite the bullet and get rid of a lot of clothes from the archives, put clothes in the attic in totes (aghast!), and move on to what’s next. However, after the initial hesitation, I realized that it felt good to get rid of lots of stuff. Some went to Goodwill and some got pulled out for specialness. I gave lots of the special stuff to a girl I work with, which is both altruistic (I love giving awesome nice people free cute stuff!) and selfish (I still get to see said cute stuff here and there, which means not really ever having to say goodbye). Because, as this coworker noted as I handed over the bag of goods – This is really hard for you, huh?

You know. It is! Clothes are so much more to me than just pieces of cloth you wear and wash and repeat. I have memories attached to some of this stuff and even the stuff with the tags still on – proving that actually, I never should have bought it in the first place – I had visions of where and when I could have worn this stuff, at least potentially. But it’s fine. And it’s pretty nice to have a clean open fresh new closet for my little one. Although, I’m pretty sure my little one will fill that thing, not with Mommy’s old dress up clothes, but fishing poles and footballs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! But the one thing he will surely know is that while Mom gets just one closet full – he gets two – so he better keep them both clean! Or I may be taking one back someday… I mean, I’m still going to be me. Just me with a kid! And we will both be stylin.

And I haven’t written in a while because, well, making way for baby keeps you occupied and preoccupied – (eco cribs, anyone?), but also because fashion seems less and less appealing as the months go by. Your closet gets smaller and smaller… until you have the good old standbys on repeat. I guess I always saw myself as someone who would rock the bump. But alas, I find myself to be one of those weirdos that hides the bumps as long as possible and then even when it’s no longer possible, tends to wear cardigan after cardigan just so I can wrap and hide in the bulk of knitwear, even though it’s not fooling anyone anymore. Except some male coworkers who will make your day, exclaiming – WHAT? YOU? No way! You cant even tell! Thanks, men, for being completely and totally oblivious to life in the making. I appreciate you.

And the other issue is that while I totally have no problem investing in clothes, I have a huge problem investing in maternity wear. One because it’s ugly. Trust. And two because the longevity to it is sooooo limited – unless of course you tend to go willy nilly and have all kinds of kids. Those abs cute pastel floral skinnies with a maternity band? So beautiful and perfect for spring and… um… no. Without the band, I would be all over those babies. But to wear them for a few months? Nevermind. I will just wait it out until next Spring, I guess, to get my fix on skimmers and skinnies and pastels galore. That’s assuming they are all still in style, of course.

I’m gratefully able to wear most of my normal clothes still, which is great, but the pants is something I had to get into early on because I have had my pants tailored to fit me like a glove and well, at some point, you must acquit. And of course, you run into the issue of long legs. Apparently, tall women dont ever have children because no one has ever thought about this. I have found a few pairs here and there that are long enough, but it’s hard. And after a while, you just sort of well, give up. Why bother when soon it will be spring and you can just wear skirts? Or at least that’s what I think for now…

So come, Spring, come! I can’t wait to take nice warm walks around the neighborhood with you and to sit out on the porch, letting you breeze gently by, as we sit, just me and the bump. Course I will likely be wearing my yoga pants and baggy dolman tees! Nothing too fashionable as of late. So you’ll have to forgive me. I’m into comfort and just getting by for now… but if you happen upon some cute maternity wear, do pass me a note. I’m always open to options.


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Fashion Week

Well, it’s Fashion Week, in case you are living under a 3 foot cave of snow! And today’s best show is brought to you from Britain…

Jenny Packham. I’m obsessed with so many things in this collection, that I can’t choose just one look. 

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To the Batcave!

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Today’s Style Inspiration

Brought to you by Haute Look…

Crazy pants!

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Best Dressed at SAG

Best Dressed at SAG


19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Who knew?

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Spring Forward

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Sometimes you discover the magic of beauty products just by what they look like online… and you just want to share. Like today. I have not tried any of these products but best you believe I’ll be meaning to sometime soon!

Goe Oil

Lip Balm Flights

Anything from Uptown Soap Co.

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